Royal Cambrian Academy

Lower Gallery
3 Sep 21 - 9 Oct 21

Mary Griffiths - Mythologies

I’m a complicated amalgam (who isn’t?), in my case, of the industrial south and the ancient, agricultural, monoglot hinterland of Wales.

Although my parents both spoke Welsh, my father was a “townie” but my mother came from the heartlands of Wales, Talyllychau with it’s heart-stoppingly beautiful lakes and ruined abbey founded by the Premonstratensians in the 12th Century. But let’s not get carried away. Life in a Welsh farming community in the first half of the 20th Century was harsh and back breaking. I remember my mother describing how, as a young woman, she used to “drive” the cattle to market by the light of a lantern.

Her mother died of peritonitis when she was just three years old. But she was known to have a facility for drawing which her daughter inherited and to which I lay claim too. It feels like a powerful connection with them.

My formative education, in English, revealed the exquisite tales of Odysseus to me but neglected the equally beguiling “Mabinogion”. I’ve been filling in the gaps ever since.

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