Iwan Gwyn Parry

Elected RCA 2004

Iwan Gwyn Parry born Anglesey 1970.  He completed his MA in painting at Chelsea School of Art & Design, London in 1993 before returning to north Wales, where he lives and works.  From an early age the North Wales coastline has played an important part in his life and many of his paintings feature that landscape and seascape. However, he is keen to point out that his paintings are not topographical illustrations of specific places, but references to his local landscape.

Iwan's new works are a selection of a long-term pre-occupation and meditation upon the western seaboard of Wales and the eastern seaboard of Ireland mainly Dublin bay and the broader Irish sea I have spent a long time contemplating these places and over the years they seem to be re-occurring themes within the work and have haunted my imagination.. The “sense of place” is only a beginning to these paintings, a catalyst of sort, for me to explore and manifest ideas about space, light and pictorial structure within the paintings It would be miss-leading to read these paintings as mere as topographical images only.  I disguise this pre-occupation within the plethora of space and pictorial invention by the use of combing elements drawn on location and then re-arranged within the images.  Ancient sea structures which have remained for centuries which have a character and charm of their own ,such as the estuary sluice gates, tidal-masts dykes, breakwaters, gateways to the open sea and largely old remains of man’s attempt to keep the incoming tide at bay!