Jeremy Yates (Vice President RCA)

Elected RCA 1994

Born in 1947, Jeremy lives in Bethesda. Between 1963-9 he studied at Stafford College of Art, Brighton College of Art and Chelsea School of Art.
"I am interested in art as it reflects life, in all its aspects, historical and contemporary. I draw and paint landscape and the figure but feel no need to restrict myself to one subject or technique, exploring creative possibilities in various ways. In my landscape work I am currently experimenting on a large scale using washes of acrylic paint to reconsider the painting process. This is complemented, amongst other things, by looking at artists from a wide range of periods and styles: the usual suspects – Turner, Cotman, Girtin - but also ancient Chinese landscape painting, as well as contemporary practitioners, along with other serendipitous interests. My figurative work is at present being inspired by extended drawing studies of musicians who meet in a suitably alcoholic setting."