Royal Cambrian Academy

The Royal Cambrian Academy is a unique institution in Wales, an independent charity supporting Welsh art and artists, where art is encouraged, made, exhibited and debated.

Receiving limited public funding, the RCA depends on the continuing generosity of our visitors, friends and the art buying public who support our exhibitions, the ongoing support of the Academy enables it to continue to grow and flourish.

Constituted in 1882, the RCA is a centre for artistic excellence in Wales. We have over 100 artist members whose work is exhibited and sold at the Gallery, we promote up and coming artists of quality, mount historical exhibitions and offer a lively venue for education, groups and classes.

About the RCA

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Find out more about the Royal Cambrian Academy, the history and how to find us.

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A variety of activities inspired by different RCA members work. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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