Royal Cambrian Academy


The Royal Cambrian Academy at any one time consists of up to 150 distinguished artists. Most are professional artists with connection to Wales either by birth, parent or grandparent or permanent residence.

Academicians are elected by their peers and it can take a few years to become a member of the prestigious Royal Cambrian Academy.  Membership conveys a level of achievement and is seen as 'a badge of honour'.

This list has the names of current Members of the RCA

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How to become a Member...

Artists may apply to become academicians in November each year.

Artists are requested to submit no more than 20 images on CD Rom or slides for consideration at the Council meeting in November. If successful at this initial stage the artist will be invited to bring in original works to be viewed at the Annual General Meeting in the following April. The artist then requires 50% of the vote to become an elected member. In this way, several artists become Academicians each year.

There is a small administration charge which is non-refundable. There is no formal selection criteria and artists are selected by peer review when it is simply a matter of being successful at the Council's voting procedure. Unfortunately staff are unable to give feedback.
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Past Members

This list has the names of artists who are no longer members of the RCA

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Associate Members

 Prior to 1996 artists were sometimes elected to be Associate Members, this enabled them to exhibit alongside the Members, but did not allow them to vote on Academy business. Often Associate Members were subsequently raised to full Membership. This list includes the names of Artists who remained as Associate Members.  In 1996 the Academy decided to abolish Associate Membership, Associate Members at the time were all made full Members.

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