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RCA Members

The Royal Cambrian Academy at any one time consists of up to 150 distinguished artists. Most are professional artists, all with a connection to Wales.

Prior to 1996, artists were elected in the first instance to become Associate Members. This position enabled them to exhibit alongside the Full Members (Academicians), but with fewer voting and exhibiting rights.

Associate Members were then able to apply to become full members at the AGM. The selection process was by a majority vote from their fellow Academicians In 1996 the Academy decided to abolish Associate Membership and all Associate Members at the time were made full Members.

At the Academy's AGM in 2019, it was decided to re-introduce Associate Membership, in order to encourage less established artists to become affiliated to the Academy and to broaden the membership.

Associate Membership is the first step towards becoming a Royal Cambrian Academician. Any artist with a connection to Wales (by birth, residence, parent or grandparent) may apply to become an Associate. The application process can be found here.

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