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Become a Member

Our membership application process for 2024 will be closing at the end of August.
Applications for Associate membership will be considered at our Annual General Meeting in October 2024.

Applications for 2024 will restart after the AGM.

Applications are open to anyone: who was born in Wales, or - one of whose parents was born in Wales , or who has lived or worked in Wales for 12 months prior to the date of their application, or any person able to read or write the Welsh language.

In line with changes agreed at the Academy's AGM in 2019, artists may initially only apply to become Associates of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.

Associate members may then apply to become full Academicians after a period of 2 years as an Associate member.

Artists may submit their application at any time during the year on the understanding that applications will be considered at the first AGM following receipt of the application.

It is anticipated that the AGM in 2024 will take place in October. Applications should be submitted at least one month before the date of the AGM to allow us time to process.

The following application forms and guidance documents are now available for downloading:


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