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An exploration into multi block lino printing with Martyn Overs

10:00am - 4:00pm | Fee £60 | Booking is essential

This one day course will offer students both the confidence and skills required to undertake multi block lino printing.

Event Dates
18/05/23 - 18/05/23

The Royal Cambrain Academy of Art

Discover the art of printmaking in our multi block lino printing workshop. Join us for a hands-on experience and learn how to create stunning, layered prints.

Students will be shown how to mix oil based colours and use them to produce overlays of colour not obtainable by the more traditional water based inks.

About the artist

"My art draws inspiration from pop art, my childhood memories... the simple cut-out cardboard toys, Christmas chocolate selection boxes and flickering lenticular images that I had as a child. I use largely primary colours and very often my images are surmounted by a border reminiscent to those used on early board games. I illustrate personal narratives by using these childhood images as analogous motifs."

Martyn Overs

To book or for more information call 01492 593413 or email

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