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An exploration into multi-block linocut printing with Martyn Overs

This one-day course will offer students both the confidence and skills required to undertake multi-block lino printing, a method of block printing in which more than one piece of lino is used to create the final image.

22nd July 2023 | 10:00am - 4:00pm | Fee £60 | Booking is essential

Event Dates
22/07/23 - 22/07/23

Discover the art of multi-block lino printing. Join us for a hands-on workshop and learn how to create layered prints.

Students will explore the following - image selection, lino preparation, image transfer, ink mixing (you will be taught how to mix oil-based colours and use them to produce overlays of colour not obtainable by the more traditional water-based inks) and block registration.

Paper, inks, lino, registration boards, cutters, rollers, and cleaners will be provided but the participants are encouraged to bring their own tools if preferred.

Martyn studied Fine Art at Walsall, Leeds, and Birmingham Schools of Art, earning a BA Hons in History of Design and Visual Arts. He began as a Community Artist at West Bromwich Jubilee Arts, creating murals and silkscreen posters. He later joined Goldsmiths College of Art's Sculpture Department in London. Recently, he has worked as an Artist in Education, assisting both children and adults with their creative projects. Martyn's current focus is on 2D color and design, drawing inspiration from 1930s travel posters.

To book or for more information call 01492 593413 or email

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