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Are you intrigued by sustainable art practices? Join us for an exciting print workshop that combines creativity, environmental consciousness, and unexpected results.

Led by contemporary print artist Jess Bugler RCA, this workshop will introduce you to the fascinating world of collagraph printing using found boxes.

Saturday 7th September 2024 | 11am-4pm | Fee £60 | Booking is essential

Event Dates
07/09/24 - 07/09/24

The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art, Conwy, North Wales

What is Collagraph Printing?

Collagraph printing is a versatile technique that involves creating textured printing plates from various materials. In our workshop, we’ll focus on using found boxes as our substrate. These boxes, with their unique textures and surfaces, offer endless possibilities for artistic exploration.

Workshop Highlights

  1. Adapting Intaglio Collagraph Processes: Learn how to adapt traditional intaglio collagraph techniques to delicate substrates like found boxes. Jess Bugler will guide you through the process, ensuring stunning results.
  2. Inking “À la Poupée”: Discover the art of inking your collagraph plate using the “à la poupée” method. This technique allows you to apply multiple colors to your plate, creating depth and visual interest.
  3. Chine Collé: Combine your inked collagraph plate with chine collé—a process that involves adhering delicate papers to your print during the printing process. The result? Beautifully layered and unexpected compositions.
  4. Exploring Possibilities: Jess will demonstrate the creative potential of found box printing. You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with these seemingly ordinary materials.

What to Expect

  • Morning Session: Create a series of collagraph plates using found boxes and various mark-making tools. Experiment with textures, shapes, and patterns.
  • Afternoon Session: Ink and print your collagraph plates using both “à la poupée” techniques and chine collé. We’ll use an etching press to transfer your designs onto a selection of different papers.
  • Take Home Your Art: Participants will leave with their own prints and printing plates—a tangible reminder of their creative journey.

Who Can Attend?

  • No Previous Experience Required: Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, this workshop welcomes everyone.
  • Materials Provided: All necessary materials will be supplied. However, if you have small found boxes (such as paracetamol packets), feel free to bring them along.

About Jess Bugler RCA

Jess Bugler is a contemporary print artist and an inspiring educator. She teaches printmaking at Hereford College of Arts and has recently been shortlisted for The Flourish Award for Excellence in Printmaking 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore collagraph printing, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and create something truly unique. Book your spot today!

To book and for more information call 01492 593413 or email

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