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Twenty Aberystwyth artists will be showing three pictures each which represent the morning, afternoon and night - curated by Paul Joyner RCA

Exhibition Dates
10/09/22 - 15/10/22

Upper Gallery

We will transform the upper gallery into 'a day' to walk through. Over these past months and years many people have had to take stock of their days. A day holds so much significance and this new show reflects some of the many ways in which it can be seen and felt. The gallery will be a day to experience and new interpretations may well spark different perspectives.

Although single images are highly potent, combined pictures can have an even more powerful effect upon us, so come along and see for yourself. When art is seen in threes, it resonates deeply. Three has a feeling of permanence, of depth and power which artists over the centuries have expressed. In this show we explore how a group of artists whose work is exhibited in three parts of a gallery can spark so many thoughts and feelings.

The featured artists : Arlunwyr Yr Hen Goleg/ Old College Artists (artists associated with the iconic Hen Goleg on the sea front of Aberystwyth): consisting of Mary Lloyd Jones RCA, Pete Monaghan,Trevor Sewell, Brigitte Bailey, Emily Gregory-Smith, Michael Roberts and Jenny Fell. Jenny is also a member of the Aberystwyth Printmakers and their featured members are Paul Croft RCA, Stuart Evans, Gini Wade, Diane Rose, Charlotte Baxter, Jane Muir, Glenn Ibbitson, Molly Brown, Ruth Jên Evans, Flora McLachlan RCA, Caroline Maddison, Moss Carroll and Ruth Barrett-Danes.

Arlunwyr Yr Hen Goleg/ Old College Artists and Aberystwyth Printmakers are based at Brogerddan which on the Gogerddan campus of Aberystwyth University.

This is an exciting and new way to knit imaginations and experiences together, almost three shows on one. A real treat for the head, the heart and maybe the soul.

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