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Please join us at the opening:

2pm Saturday 8 June 2019.

Exhibition Dates
08/06/19 - 13/07/19

Lower Gallery

Born in 1937 in the fen country, Alan studied at St Martin’s School of Art 1954-59. Hethen taught in Hereford, Glamorgan and Shropshire before taking early retirement (after 30 years) to manage his large garden which he and his wife open to the public under the National Gardens Scheme..

Alan is a piano recitalist and accompanist. He has also photographed the images for his wife’s gardening books, and they both enjoy foreign travel in their 70ies.

Widely exhibited in Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales, Alan has painted, drawn and sculpted (mostly wood carving) for garden and home, all his adult life.

“This drawing exhibition is the result of a fall, cracked ribs and pain! Drawing was my rescue, and has contained me for the last two years – so far. I also happened across a new (to me) drawing material. Drawing
materials used: ink pens (Uni pin), biros, black and sepia ink.

This series of drawings has not developed in a straight line, but has deviated to wherever inspiration has struck – poem, saying, landscape, interesting object, spontaneous invention, memory or humorous aside.

In other words, I have ‘followed my nose’ as a starting point – hence my title Flights Of Fancy”.

Alan Palmer Nocturnedrawing49 x 60 ú220
Alan Palmer RCA 1
Alan Palmer Fen Dykedrawing43 x 33 ú150
Alan Palmer Arabesquedrawing31 x 36 ú140
Alan Palmer Ceci nest pas un visagedrawing 32 x 37 ú110
Alan Palmer Fearful Symmetry Idrawing28 x 33 ú120
Alan Palmer Fearful Symmetry I Idrawing30 x 35 ú120
Alan Palmer Five Digit Dolmendrawing54 x 44 ú210
Alan Palmer Flight Through The Wooddrawing56 x 45 ú165
Alan Palmer Flying Flatfish And A Mermaiddrawing32 x 22 ú95
Alan Palmer Once In A Blue Moondrawing33 x 33 ú150
Alan Palmer Protected Spacesdrawing49 x 60 ú195

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