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Perseverance is necessary in life. It sets the stage for growth and development. It brings success, achievement and fulfilment. Perseverance is also necessary in art. The last year has been particularly challenging for the arts and creative industries.

This exhibition showcases the ways in which six artists have used art to cope. Art, for them, is perseverance. Though each has faced different challenges, they are united in their use of art to continue through difficult times.

The show promises to move viewers and to encourage the use of creativity as a way to both escape from and aid in the face of difficulty.

'Art of Perseverance' includes the artistic talent of Jan Gardner, Iwan Gwyn Parry, Peter Hollway, Mary Lloyd Jones, Tim Pugh and Gilly Thomas.

Exhibition Dates
16/10/21 - 20/11/21

Beach Bloom
Below the Night
Cone Tim Pugh
Food Chain
Gilly Thomas Pic 1
Gilly Thomas Pic 2
Gilly Thomas Pic 3
Gilly Thomas Pic 4
Gilly Thomas Pic 5
Gilly Thomas Pic 6

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