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Garry Barker: Philip Cooper: Geoffrey Coupland: Orson Coupland: Neil Hadfield: Jonny Hannah: Sharon Hannah: Peter Lloyd: Desdemona McCannon: Chichi Parish: Sarah Raphael-Balme: Sarah Thwaites: Ian Whadcock: Abi Whitehouse

Exhibition Dates
21/10/17 - 11/11/17

Upper Gallery

"When I was invited by the Royal Cambrian Academy to curate an exhibition of artists I admire, I knew immediately that I wanted to open dialogues about landscape. I’ve always been influenced by the Welsh
landscapes I've lived in, but it’s been a long time since the paintings and drawings I make have represented them in a topographically recognisable form. Even back when they did, it was an intensely charged
personal view, less about geography than my feelings for the landscape and my history within it.

For this exhibition I wanted to choose artists who would explore the interior landscapes that can be so important to us. The artists for the most part come from beyond Wales, this being an opportunity to invite guests whose work would not normally be seen here.

Here are landscapes presented through the prisms of the artists' imaginative lives. What became thrillingly clear as the responses came back is that landscape in the contemporary arts isn’t necessarily contained within a frame, though for the traditionalist there are some of those here, too."

Clive Hicks-Jenkins 2017

Gawain Arrives at Fair Castle
Allegorical map of Chapeltown 2000 pen and ink on paper 8ft 3in x 5ft unframed
In memory of forgotten truths 2000 pen and ink on paper 7ft 6in x 4ft 10in unframed
Promise on arrival 2000 pen and ink on paper 7ft x 4ft 6in unframed
Fullsizeoutput 1536
Fullsizeoutput 427
Fullsizeoutput 14b6
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Allotment 58 ú600 acrylic gouache mix 28x10 framed
Clee Hill Disused Quarry ú800 acrylic gouache mix 38 5x18 5 framed

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