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Exhibition Dates
21/10/17 - 12/11/17

Lower Gallery

"To me the act of making paintings and the images themselves must have a reason for themselves, a meaning. Ironically, meaning is elusive and may be entirely non-existent in an irrational universe.

I try to concoct an image that begins to hold within it a kind of distilled version of what bothers me in a world full of the strangely significant and the tyrannical dominance of the mundane.

It’s an absurd activity, but it gives me what I might describe as a burst of sanity when I nail the feeling.Then I can start in a codified way to penetrate my own mysteries, which I suppose belong to everyone."

Gilly Thomas 2017

Clown at the Oasis 600 acrylic and oil 50x50 unframed
The Epoch of the Nanosecond 580 acrylic 50x40 unframed
Inadvertent Descent While Climbing 600 acrylic 45x61 unframed
The Anonymous Ones 600 acrylic 45x61 unframed
Turning the Other Way 600 acrylic 45x61 unframed
An Under Abundance of Order 550 acrylic and oil 40x40 unframed
The Fourth Wall 600 acrylic and oil on linen 45x61 unframed
Theatrical Gesture 600 oil on linen 61x45 unframed
I Forgot Our Song 700 mixed media 77x90 unframed
Partially Illuminating Painting 580 acrylic 50x40 unframed
Whatever I do Will Become Forever What I Did 550 acrylic 40x40 unframed
Expressionist Painter with Spats 550 acrylic 40x40 unframed

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