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The exhibition features works and objects ‘From the Studio’ of sculptor, Sally Matthews: gathered objects, the workings out, the unfinished, new work, and the remains.

Exhibition Dates
09/06/21 - 10/07/21

Born into a Tamworth veterinary household in 1964, Sally Matthews attended Loughborough College of Art and Design from 1981-86, gaining a First Class Honours in Fine Art and Sculpture.

Since then, she has worked constantly, receiving several prestigious awards and bursaries, and travelled extensively around the world, fulfilling many public commissions.

"I make work in praise of animals to throw a light on their importance and to revere their being. The task gets more daunting as we move further away from them – domesticate or industrialize their presence and steal their land.

A trail of things left in the dust of creativity from ‘conception’ to finished work – searching, playful and mournful."

Sally Mathews Deerhound
Sally Mathews bull 2
Sally mathews cow 2
Sally mathews goat 2
Sally mathews horse
Sally Mathews Cow Limo
Sally Mathews Zebra
Sally Mathews Welsh Mountain Pony
Sally Mathews Red deer
Sally Mathews Red Deer right
Sally Mathews Black Bull
Sally Mathews Manx sheep

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