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We are a family of Ukrainian artists Alla, Roman, Sasha, from Kyiv. 

Exhibition Dates
03/06/23 - 08/07/23

Education Space

There is a war in our country, so for the last year and a half we have been outside our homeland. 
Wales has become for us protection and shelter, a second home, a place that we will never forget, 
which will always be in our hearts, a place that has brought peace to our souls and inspired us 
with its amazing people and raw beauty. This exhibition presents paintings created by over the past 
half a year, we have been inspired by what surrounds us in reality and in dreams.
Our eyes here reflect the beauty of Wales, its sky and sea, the kindness of the Welsh people, 
our hearts stayed at home in Ukraine.
Between heaven and earth fall is coming soon fragment 30  60 oil on canvas £500
Black and white 139 x 79 oil on canvas £2000
Conversation between a chamomile and a narcissus 40 x 50 oil on canvas £500
Crocuses 2023 40 x 50 oil on canvas £500
Don t look back
Dream of a little sheep 2016 75 x 70 £700
Expectation149 x 97 oil on canvas £1500
Green parrot 2023 40 x 50 oil on canvas £600
I give you my heart 25 x 26 oil on canvas £300
I you and the cat 2023 101  81 oil on canvas £1500
Lilac cloud 2023 48 x 48 oil on canvas £500
No title 2023 20 201

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