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Blwyddyn o Grochenwaith, Planhigion a Phatrymau - A Year of Pottery, Plants and Pattern

Exhibition Dates
19/03/18 - 28/04/18

Lower Gallery

This exhibition follows a year's work of looking closely at fabrics - local Welsh woollen tapestries, antique patterned Japanese silk, richly coloured cotton or velvet off-cuts; plants - whatever's growing wild down the lane, in the garden, or given by generous friends; various vessels - mugs, jugs, tea-pots, coffee-pots and dishes all found in charity shops, received unexpectedly, hounded down on the internet or serendipitously spotted in an exhibition; ephemera including little felt birds, fruit, shells, pebbles, and a favourie motif - pieces of star anise.

Other inspirations have been the long dark winter and the poetry of friendship.

Stella and Sissie Rum Cup 895
Contemplating the Forsythia
Flag Iris and Orange Tips 695
At the Darkening of the Day 850
Early Evening Light 895
Felt Bird and Klug Jug 495
Felt Birds and Auricula 695
Felt Birds and Lenten Rose 695
From the Dreaming Forest 895
Glimmering 495
Klug Jug and Cactus 695
Still Life with Miss Marple Fish Brooch 895

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