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Discover the captivating world of three remarkable artists at the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art in Conwy. Our upcoming exhibition, “THREE,” brings together the distinct voices of Bev Bell-Hughes RCA, Cefyn Burgess RCA, and Paul Croft RCA. Each artist weaves their unique narrative, inviting you to explore the interplay between their diverse works.

Exhibition Dates
14/09/24 - 19/10/24

The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art, Conwy, North Wales

Meet the Artists:

1. Bev Bell-Hughes RCA

Award-winning potter Beverley Bell Hughes resides near Llandudno, North Wales. Her extraordinary vision is shaped by both sight and touch. As a partially sighted artist, she infuses her clay creations—both fired and unfired—with a profound connection to the rugged coastal landscape. Bev’s pieces evoke the raw beauty of our surroundings, echoing the crashing waves and ancient cliffs.

2. Cefyn Burgess RCA

Born and raised in the slate quarry village of Bethesda, North Wales, Cefyn Burgess brings a rich heritage to his woven textiles. His journey—from Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Woven Textiles to an MA from the Royal College of Art—has honed his craft. Cefyn’s intricate designs resonate with the echoes of slate, weaving together tradition and innovation.

3. Paul Croft RCA

Paul Croft’s canvas is language itself. His work evolves from a personal visual lexicon—a synthesis of motifs drawn from observations, still life, and found objects. His ongoing exploration of letter forms, characters, and alphabets adds depth to his compositions. Recently, Paul’s curiosity led him to learn Mandarin, infusing his art with cross-cultural nuances.

Join Us:

“THREE” promises an immersive experience, where these talented artists converse through their creations. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the dynamic dialogue between their works. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, collector, or simply curious, our exhibition awaits you.

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