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Stephen West AFG yn curadu ddetholiad o artistiaid Cymreig, peintiwr, ceramegwyr a cherflynwyd - Stephen West RCA curates his selection of Welsh artists, painters, ceramicists and sculptors

Exhibition Dates
15/09/18 - 20/10/18

Upper Gallery

15 September - 20 October 2018

Fech gwahoddir i agoriad Dydd Sadwrn y 15 Medi, 2018 am 2yp.

You are invited to the opening on Saturday 15 September 2018 at 2pm.

This new exhibition is a personal selection by Stephen West RCA of Welsh artists who have not previously been over-represented in North Wales with a curatorial eye on dynamic and primal use of colour, mark, drawing, plane, line or image.

List of artists showing:

John Abell - Printmaking and Painting

Andy Hazell - Sculpture

Nöelle Griffiths - Painting

Aimee Jones - Printmaking and Sculpture

Lisa Krigel - Ceramics

Stephen Page - Sculpture

Amy Sterly - Printmaking

Pete Telfer - Video

Stephen West RCA - Drawing and Sculpture

Deiniol Williams - Ceramics

Sue Williams - Drawing and Painting

Stephen West says, “It was both an honour and an exciting opportunity to be asked to curate a ‘By Invitation’ show for the upper gallery at Conwy’s Royal Cambrian Academy Crown Lane building. An honour because of the Academy’s more than 130 year history and a great opportunity to combine some of the newest talent to emerge onto the Wales art scene with some renowned artists, active for many years in Wales but not seen so much in the North.

‘By Invitation’ is a personal choice. It might seem to be unusually eclectic for an exhibition selected by one person but I think each artist brings a singularly dynamic force of expression into their work and that is what I was looking for. I also wanted to create an exhibition with humour, passion and sheer skill which would vary in pace, in colour and in artform.”

The exhibition combines relative newcomers to the scene such as Aimee Jones’ crow prints, Deiniol Wiliams’ bottles and chargers which incorporate materials collected from the family farm and Stephen Page’s dynamic bronze animals, together with some highly esteemed artists like Sue Williams’ installation of tiny drawings and Lisa Krigel’s table top of geometric functional stacking ceramics. Noelle Griffiths’ calm and colourful abstract paintings will contrast with the expressionist figuration in John Abell’s prints and watercolours.

Andy Hazell has made cities out of tin throughout his long career as sculptor and fabricator, they are made with a light and humorous touch and Stephen West’s own series of legs should be seen in that way too. Amy Sterly’s prints also surprise with simple and quirky graphic ideas.

It’s a contemporary exhibition but with only one video work – Pete Telfer, well known for his documentaries about the arts in Wales for many years, presents a sublime portrait in film to complete this eclectic glimpse of art in Wales, 2018.

Stephen Page Aurochs Bronze 5000
Stephen West Leg of Clovis 80x100 charcoal 695 unframed
Stephen West My left leg 100x80cms charcoal 695
Deiniol Williams Bottle Forms BHWK8 006008020
Deiniol Williams Bottle Form 230 Ceramic 36x9cm BHWK8 020
Deiniol Williams Large Bottle Form 400 Ceramic 55x10cm BHWK8 008
Deiniol Williams Large Bottle Form 400 Ceramic 57x10cm BHWK8 006
Deiniol Williams Large Charger 350 Ceramic 44x8cm BHWK7 007
Deiniol Williams Large Charger 350 Ceramic 45x9cm BHWK8 001 jpg
John Abel hiraethforbeginners 3000 woodcutacrylicinkonpaper 244x150 unframed
John Abel tabloid 3000woodcutacrylicink 244x150unframed
Stephen Page Ceffyl Bronze 6000

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