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Y Grŵp Cymreig yn 70 - The Welsh Group at 70

Mae'n bleser gan yr AFG groesawu'r arddangosfa deithiol hon i Conwy, i ddathlu pen-blwydd Grŵp Cymru yn 70 oed. Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer yr agoriad am 2pm ddydd Sadwrn 19 Hydref 2019.

The RCA is delighted to welcome this touring exhibition to Conwy, celebrating the Welsh Group's 70th anniversary. Please join us for the opening at 2pm on Saturday 19 October 2019.

Exhibition Dates
19/10/19 - 16/11/19

Upper Gallery

The Welsh Group is an artists' collective, with the purpose of exhibiting and "giving a voice" to the visual arts in Wales. The group began in 1948 as the South Wales Group, consisting of both professional and amateur artists. The group's initial conception was a response to the Royal Cambrian Academy's limited representation from south Wales at that time. In the foreword to the South Wales Group’s first exhibition catalogue, David Bell wrote “It is the purpose of the Group to establish a new link between the artists of South Wales and their public".

During the 1960s the South Wales Group had begun exhibiting further afield in north and mid-Wales, and into Bristol and Shrewsbury. The group adopted its current, broader title of The Welsh Group by 1975, by which time it had also become a fully professional artists' group. The group expanded its membership beyond south Wales, including a number who are also members of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Full membership is made up of approximately 40 Welsh or Wales-based artists. The group exhibits in Wales and internationally, including recent exchange exhibitions with visual art groups in the USA and Germany.

Former members have included major names from the field of modern Welsh art including Brenda Chamberlain, Arthur Giardelli, Tony Goble, John Petts and Ernest Zobole.

Jennifer Allan The Acquiring of Knowleddge oil on papier mache cardboard and plywood 47x53x4
Angela Kingston Cwm Col huw Beach mixed media and watercolour collage 21x25cm
Heather Eastes Moon Figures pencil and acrylic on paper 81x90cm
Jacqueline Alkema Kenau I oil on panel 58 x44 cm
Paul Brewer Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine digital drawing
Paul Edwards Virginia Woods I arcylic on paper 71 x 117cm
Sue Hiley Harris Branch II paper yarn casein and earth pigment 48x17x5cm copy
Susan Roberts Dancer bronze 60x30x14cm
Wendy Earle All sorts Together watercolour and glitter on paper 76 x 96cm

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