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Invited to become an Honorary Member in 2017, Full Member in 2023

My landscape paintings are studio creations based on memories, sketches and photographs of places I visit regularly and know well, particularly, but by no means exclusively, in Anglesey. I like to paint the harmony of buildings in rural settings, dramatised with sky and light and shadow. I think my paintings are characterised by a limited palette and cloudy skies, I love to try and capture the contrast when the sun is highlighting the buildings but the sky is full of an approaching or receding storm!

About me
I was born in Lancashire in1947, but I have lived in Wrexham since I was 16, I dropped out of Art College (Wrexham followed by Manchester College of Art and Design as it was called then), after two years to follow a career in Electrical Engineering. I returned to painting a few years ago and retirement has allowed me to devote all my spare time to developing my work.


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