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Born in London of a Welsh father and Scots mother, David Humphreys was evacuated to Corris in Wales during the blitz. He studied fine art under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton. Collections include Arts Council of Great Britain, National Library Wales, UK Government Art Collection, Universities of London, Leeds, Leicester and Bristol.

“Late one spring I was walking near St Davids and coming to the bend of a hidden road, came across a group of workers – men and women who had come to Pembrokeshire for the potato harvest. They were itinerant easy-going people who had set up camp at Clegyr Boia in vans and tents and huts...

I was all the time reading the Mabinogion and the two worlds danced as one, the hedges flush with oak and broom and meadowsweet, furnishing many a bride of flowers for the Potato Gatherers – and spirits hovered overhead.

The Season came and went – and with it the spirits of this Magic land, the yellow’d grasses greening as their footfall faded.”

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