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RCA MEMBER 1977-2017

Ken Elias is one of Wales’ leading artists. Born in 1944, into a working-class family in Glynneath, he attended art school in the 1960s, during the height of the Pop Art movement in the UK.

Elias' work is held in a number of public collections, including the National Museum of Wales, the National Library of Wales, the Arts Council of Wales, Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Society of Wales.

Using acrylic paint, photomontage and mixed media, Elias creates powerful, striking images, with strong shapes and contrasting colours. Influenced by the memories of family and cinema during his 1950s childhood and his love of poetry and art, his work uses memory and imagination, responding to and drawing inspiration from global issues and currents, while also being strongly rooted in the visual language of the south Wales valleys.

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