Former Head of Fine Art at Liverpool School of Art (2000-2010) Dr Richard Gant’s sculptural research has been by both exhibition and text publication.

"As an active practitioner of Fine Art, Design and contextual research my eclectic range of engagement renders a profile centred upon drawing that feeds my specialisms of sculpture and contextual study.

Coupled with a professional Fine Art career in Higher Education my knowledge and skills range from teaching, construction and draughtsmanship to critical analysis and art management, the latter published by Common Ground Publishing, Australia.

Associated international exhibitions primarily reference the natural landscape and associated human antiquity and cultural ritual. Using an interplay of medium and process I explore drawing-inspired visual vocabularies whereby mark making process are critical to material interpretation, generating a folio of work that is diverse in sculptural and drawing formats.

My current work focuses upon coastal geology, exploring and incorporating structure, colour and tonal palettes from sediments and outcrops into drawing compositions and maquettes."


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