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Elected a Member of the RCA in 2024

Sarah Hopkins is a well-established printmaker living and working in South Wales.
Man-made landscape, agricultural, industrial and urban environments are recurring
themes in her work.
‘I have always been fascinated by our nation’s heritage and the architectural shapes
and patterns of the landscape which tell us so much about the history and culture of
a place. My recent work primarily focuses on my heritage and the significance of
treasured objects and heirlooms.
Through printmaking techniques, I challenge myself to explore new ways to present
my observations. I mostly create intricate, hand-cut paper stencils, and screen print
layers of vibrant colour to build images. Much like a painting, I work from the
background, adding depth and detail. I like to break the rules of traditional
printmaking and experiment by layering light pigments over dark, enjoying the
translucency and opacity of the medium.’

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