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Many words are conjured up by Wil Rowlands' work – process, empathy, feeling, emotion, colour, depth, place, to name but a few – but it's practically impossible to describe his work as his way of working is very much his own.
Wil moved away from the more figurative painting which was his trademark style for many years when he earned a living as a freelance artist and illustrator in Manchester. A move back to his roots in Anglesey brought new found freedom, a confidence to break barriers and experiment.

He responds to feeling and instinct, experimenting with colour, surface texture and medium, creating semi-abstract pieces that are highly personal but have a resonance and beauty that is widely appealing and much sought after.

The landscapes are still there – or rather the land – land that shaped the artist's sensibility, and land that sings in colour.

Brought up in a close-knit farming community on Anglesey, nature and the natural world around him are crucial elements in Wil’s work. Man’s intervention and role in the never-ending drama of renewal, growth, and in many cases death, that comes with season’s change are part of everyday life.


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