Royal Cambrian Academy


Each year at the gallery in Conwy, the Royal Cambrian Academy hosts upwards of nine exhibitions which include an exciting range of painting, prints, sculpture and craft.

Most are organised by the RCA team and consist of Academy members or invited artists work. Occasionally, historical or thematic exhibitions occur as part of a UK programme. Others consist of invited groups and open exhibitions.

The RCA aims to display a mixture of contemporary and historical work. Art by the distinguished members of the Academy is always on show during the Annual Summer Exhibition and the Christmas Show and is always for sale.Interest-free Collectorplan is available to help you start collecting.

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7 Jan 17- 30 Dec 17



7th January - 4th February

Upper Gallery - Christine Kowal Post RCA

Lower Gallery - Malcolm Ryan RCA

25th March - 29th April

Upper Gallery - Rob Piercy RCA
Lower Gallery - Diane Lawrenson RCA

6th May - 10th June

New Members - mixed show of Academicians elected to the RCA in 2016
Josh Bowe RCA - David Brightmore RCA - Mick Brown RCA - Ann Catrin Evans RCA - Susan Gathercole RCA - Gareth Griffith RCA - David Jones RCA - Elfyn Lewis RCA - Gareth Nash RCA - Alan Palmer RCA

17th June - 22nd July

Upper Gallery - Graham Cox RCA
Lower Gallery - Pine Feroda

29th July - 9th September


16th September - 14th October

Upper Gallery - Jan Gardner RCA

Lower Gallery - Paul Joyner RCA

21st October - 12th November

Upper Gallery - BY INVITATION - Clive Hicks Jenkins RCA
Lower Gallery - Gilly Thomas RCA

18th November - 2nd December


6th December - 30th December

Members Mixed Show

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Upper Gallery
11 Feb 17- 18 Mar 17

Christine Kowal Post - 'They Think They Are Fallen Angels'

'They Think They Are Fallen Angels'

As humans we like to think of ourselves as apart from the rest of the World. We are not mere animals, we have consciousness, we are spiritual, we are Fallen Angels made in the image of God.

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Lower Gallery
11 Feb 17- 18 Mar 17

Malcolm Ryan RCA - 'Night Paintings'

Malcolm Ryan RCA - 'Night Paintings'

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