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Behind the recognisable artwork and names, Conwy photographer Graham Hembrough RCA reveals Conwy Artists and Makers in their working environment.

Exhibition Dates
09/04/22 - 21/05/22

Conwy photographer Graham Hembrough RCA invites visitors to make a connection between the artwork seen in exhibitions and the creator, by putting a face and a place to the artist's name.

All current members of the RCA living in the county of Conwy were invited to participate in the project and we are very grateful to them for their co-operation.

Artists & Makers of Conwy was commissioned by Conwy Culture Service, Conwy County Borough Council in partnership with the RCA and made possible with a grant from the Arts Council of Wales.

Graham Hembrough says: “I was mindful that visiting artists’ workspaces (and especially photographing them) could be seen as intruding on what many see as a personal, private space. It is here that artists express themselves creatively, involving work in progress, not intended for public viewing as it is an evolving process that unfolds to create work finally deemed appropriate and resolved for sharing and viewing. For some, the space is perceived as an escape or sanctuary that denies outside intrusion”.

The exhibition can be seen from 9 April – 21 May 2022 at the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Gallery in Conwy, and will then tour to the Conwy Culture Centre from June until September 2022.

It will coincide with workshops led by some of the featured artists.

Graham Hembrough RCA, PORTRAIT OF BEV BELL HUGHES RCA, Photograph, A1 Framed
Bev Bell Hughes RCA, REEF, High Fired ceramic stoneware, 50cm x 24cm x 38cm, £950
Graham Hembrough RCA, PORTRAIT OF CEFYN BURGESS RCA, Photograph, A1 Framed
Cefyn Burgess RCA, RHYD YR INDIAID, Textile, 65 x 52 cm £650
Graham Hembrough RCA, PORTRAIT OF JAN GARDNER RCA, Photograph, A1 Framed
Jan Gardner RCA, TRAVELLING THROUGH, Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 84cm, £2500
Graham Hembrough RCA, PORTRAIT OF MAURICE GREENWOOD RCA, Photograph, A1 Framed
Maurice Greenwood RCA, BRYN-Y-MAEN, Watercolour, 89 x 73 cm
Graham Hembrough RCA, PORTRAIT OF JOHN HEDLEY RCA, Photograph, A1 Framed
John Hedley RCA, HOMAGE TO CRETE, Oil and gold leaf on olive wood, £695
John Hedley RCA, NOON & TWIGHLIGHT, oil and gold leaf on olive wood, £345
John Hedley RCA, LOOKING BEYOND, Oil & gold & silver leaf on horsechestnut wood, £345

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