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    Children's Summer Art school

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    Event Dates
    27/07/22 - 31/08/22

    The Royal Cambrian Academy

    Emily Hughes Ceramics

    Clay Workshop - Exploring Texture

    In this workshop you will express creativity through the medium of clay. The class includes learning how to make unique patterns and textures in clay using a variety of tools both natural and man made. We will also have a go at some simple hand building techniques to make our exciting textures come to life.

    (The clay used will be air drying so no firing is needed. simply leave the work in a warm dry spot and the pieces should be fully dry within 24- 48 hours)

    Mike Murray Model Making


    Mary Thomas Photography

    Using two Victorian photo processes you will produce images on dark room paper without a camera. Using sun/UV power and Cyanotype solution first invented in 1842, plants and negatives you will create images that are part science, art and magic.

    Mike Ryder


    During this fun workshop, we will be experimenting with pouring and dripping inks as methods for making drawings. Looking at the positive and negative shapes which appear during this process and playing with the incidental to create abstract and figurative drawings.

    Mike is an artist based in Colwyn Bay. His practice spans paintings, photography, and digital collage, all underpinned by his love of drawing. Mike has shown his work widely, including, Mostyn, Llandudno; Gallery North, Newcastle; 38B, Peckham; and New York, Tokyo, and Barcelona Photo Festival.

    Jude Wood


    I have the kind of heat press that you see in T-shirt shops, but instead of pre-printed transfers I use the raw sublimation inks as an art material.

    Designs are drawn and painted onto paper and then transferred onto fabric using the heat press machine in 45 seconds. You don’t have to be confident at drawing as painted sheets of paper can be cut and collaged into a multitude of designs. The colours are transparent, so images can be overlaid on top of one another like watercolour.

    Synthetic fabric works best and this gives the added bonus of the work becoming waterproof, and therefore useable outside.

    I’m an artist, maker, creator and facilitator who in 1997, realised how much I enjoyed sharing the creative process with other people and making things happen.

    Since then I have been designing and delivering bespoke projects across Wales full time, and my work has taken me to Welsh castles, terraced streets, abandoned chapels, fine theatres, busy classrooms, hospitals, and the occasional mountain top.

    After my own experience of ill health and extensive treatment in 2012, my focus is now centred about Health and Wellbeing and the way creativity and self-expression, when used skilfully and playfully can be a powerful therapeutic tool.

    I own a ridiculous number of pens, and my favourite colours at the moment are bluey-grey and mustard yellow.

    Claire Halliday

    Perspective, light and shadow

    This workshop will focus on perspective, light and shadow offering simple tips that make any picture more “3d”. We will create a city skyline sparkling in the afternoon sun.

    Claire is a freelance artist. She loves all forms of drawing and painting specialising in portraiture and landscape but enjoys making murals and teaching too. She believes that art can make a positive difference to everybody’s life and can help us all to see the world around us in a new way.

    Chwilio Safle