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    Elected to RCA in 2010

    Born in Preston, Lancashire, Alan Salisbury studied painting at Manchester and Liverpool Colleges of Art and the Royal College of Art, London.

    “I have lived in Wales since 1974 working at the University of Glamorgan where I was Principal Lecturer in Painting and Field Leader in Arts and Media. In 2005 I was awarded Joint First Prize in the Liverpool School of Art Alumni Open Competition. In 2008 I was awarded First Prize in the Wales Portrait Award 2 Competition and recently in 2020 awarded the overall First Prize in the Wales Contemporary.

    I am a painter who works within the conventions of narrative representation. I often appropriate and refer to images from the past subverting them in a playful way by including contemporary elements. Post-Modernist ideas with regard to originality, cultural hierarchies, and the role of irony conceptually underpins the work.”


    Chwilio Safle