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    Beverley Bell Hughes is an award-winning potter who lives near Llandudno, North Wales. As Beverley is partially sighted the touch and feel of clay in both its fired and unfired forms is very important. Living by the sea, her work is inspired by the rugged landscape of the area.

    "Each day is a journey of looking and experiencing natures change, of how mother earth presents herself to the world. Marks left in the sand by the receding tide, sharp and clear, to deep gullies or smooth. Items thrown up by the tide, battered by storms. Different sea weed flowing in ribbons. The erosion of surfaces be they shells ,rocks, driftwood or bone. Maybe later in a half sleep subconscious, an idea will form relating to things past.

    I work directly into the clay with no pre-conceived ideas of how the work will look. I work in a studio with no electricity by choice. An intuitive process of making and pinching of clay."


    Chwilio Safle