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    ELECTED IN 2005

    Christine Kowal Post exhibits widely in the UK and internationally, making work to commission for both private and public clients, and for both indoors and outdoors.

    “The medium I use is principally wood, (I think of myself as a woodcarver), but I also work in clay and many of my painted carvings have also been cast into bronze, resin or aluminium when sited outdoors. These are then also usually polychromed and/or gilded.

    I usually work three-dimensionally but also two dimensionally on relief panels. My sculptures are often figurative and narrative. I explore certain themes which are concerned with the lives of women – how they have been represented historically and the influence of biology, but I also investigate our relationship as human beings with the world around us and I use the iconography of myths, legends and stories, through aspects of architecture, art and cultural history to examine issues which help us understand the human condition.”


    Chwilio Safle