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    ELECTED IN 1977

    Through temperament, an artist innately inhabits just a small part of the creative spectrum, conditioned not by intellect but by sensibility and desire.

    My work is at the musical end of the spectrum simply as heightened receptivity, far removed from art as message or comment. It is entrenched by reverberations of my childhood in Welsh hills where they spill into Shropshire.

    After leaving the Royal Academy Schools, my never ending apprenticeship within elemental landscapes has persisted for over 60 years. Elemental landscape is raw material, uncluttered by the narratives of human involvement, simultaneously abstract and representational. Through empathy we transfer and recognise our temperament within it, a sensation of oneself in things.

    The contemporary measures such reasoning as anachronistic but the aesthetic will not be reined in by reason. 'Being there ',we are in submission and cannot deny our primacy as sentient beings.

    Chwilio Safle