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    Elected to RCA in 2001

    Born in Bangor, Gwynedd in 1941, Emrys Parry was Head of Diploma and Diagnostic Studies at Norwich School of Art and Design until 1996.

    "The idea that the land has a memory is central to my work. My drawings and paintings explore the hidden history and mystery behind the outward appearance of the landscape of my childhood in Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula.
    Although living in East Anglia I am rooted to my home village which still provides me with the psychological context and sources for my art.

    I reference landscape, ancestry, relegion, language, legends and memory to create multilayered compositions. Simplified and codified, constantly revisited and reworked they have become signatures of my identity. The challenge is to create work which reflects my cultural history and at the same time create something of contemporary relevance."


    Chwilio Safle