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    ELECTED IN 2016

    When I was young my grandmother used to buy me brightly coloured plasticine. I would spend hours modelling horses and expressing my inner emotions out into the physical world through manipulating the plasticity of clay with my fingers. My love of horses and clay have become key elements allowing me to express myself as an artist.

    I gained a first class degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff leading to a scholarship at the Royal College of Art. I run clay and glaze workshops focusing on the history of the horse in clay.

    I completed a residency in Fuping, China, studying the Wei and Tang dynasties during 2017. I am passionate in developing opportunities for ceramics in education and promoting the developing clay art scene in the Rhondda and South Wales Valleys.

    I am currently exploring Gender Dysphoria within my ceramic artwork. Expressing feelings from the heart into the clay.


    Chwilio Safle