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    Jenny Ford

    Born in London in 1950, Jenny studied art at The Ealing School of Art ( Pre-Diploma) and The Central School Of Art and Design, gaining a Dip AD in Fine Art in 1971.

    Whilst at the Central she took Anthropology as a liberal study which furthered her interest in pre- historic societies.

    She also began her life- long passion for printmaking in all forms, but especially linocut as a medium of choice.

    Moving to the Wiltshire/Somerset borders in 1973 gave focus to her art, being immediately drawn to the landscape of downlands and the many pre-historic sites which abound in the area.

    During this time Jenny exhibited widely across the west country, occupied a studio at the Black Swan Art Centre for about two years and enjoyed taking part in open studio/art trails, teaching the occasional linocut workshop.

    She moved to North Wales in 2018 to be closer to her family.

    ``Although I call myself a printmaker, drawing has always been the cornerstone of my practice. I fill many sketchbooks while out walking which I work on again back in the studio. I love a project, finding a subject to research and working it through to finished pieces.

    I like my work to tell a story and I probably write as much as I draw in my sketchbooks.

    Moving to Wales hasn`t changed my focus on the subjects that I`m interested in, as it has so many fascinating ancient sites to visit.

    The landscape though, is very different to the rolling downs and colours of Wiltshire. I find that the shapes and colours in my prints are changing to reflect that.

    I`m very fortunate to have my own studio to print in and views across the hills to the coast to inspire me.``

    Chwilio Safle