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    ELECTED IN 2013

    Now based in Shropshire, Maggie Humphry lived for thirty years in Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, near Ruthin.

    “After thirty years as a successful ceramicist in Wales I decided I wanted to paint, but I wanted more than 'nice little landscapes'. Truly, I have sat in my studio weeping, seeming unable to produce what I wanted – yet not really knowing what I want anyway .. agony!

    Such joy to use colour and tone and the change of light – absolute magic ... ecstasy!

    I wish I had started painting fifty years ago. I constantly experiment with different approaches and different media: recently using oil and graphite. I love line and movement, and have been told that 'I draw like a dream': hence the graphite. My paintings range from the representational to the almost abstract, always trying to show atmospheric mood.

    I tend to work in themes, which excite me, including (recently) Greek myths. There's no deep message hiding behind my art.”


    Chwilio Safle