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    ELECTED IN 2021

    Paul Croft’s work is predominantly concerned with the development of personal visual language.

    That visual language has evolved through selection and synthesis of motifs derived from a broad range of observations, still life and found objects, informed in large part by continuing research into letter forms, characters, alphabets and more recently, by his efforts to learn Mandarin.

    Elemental Radicals and Passages of Landscape 2018, were produced as two sets of woodcuts and lithographs, printed as series of unique images in variable editions of 10, using techniques of stone and plate lithography, Mokulito, woodcut and stencil printing.

    Croft graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1986 and qualified as a Tamarind Master Printer in 1996, and was elected to the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2008. He has written two books on Stone Lithography (2001) and Plate Lithography (2003). He is currently Lecturer in Printmaking at the School of Art Aberystwyth.


    Chwilio Safle