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    The driving force behind my work is a belief that figurative, representational art, and painting in particular, is a modern art form, and furthermore is made relevant by the working practises of painters willing to both build on the past, and to push the boundaries of their own art.

    In other words they should be prepared to take risks and experiment at times, rather than always relying on a learnt technique.
    One of the central themes of my work has been the depiction of writers, largely poets, which was my attempt to steer “the portrait” away from being a largely commissioned art form whose main purpose is to fulfil the expectations of the client, to that of a collaboration between two individual artists bridging the divide between very different forms of expression.
    The early culmination of this was a one-man exhibition of “Contemporary Poets” curated and first shown at the National Portrait Gallery, London.


    Chwilio Safle